Do you need information about the P&R landscape in the Nordic countries before planning launch of a new product?

Market access plans are of great value throughout the lifecycle of the product but especially before the launch of new prescription or hospital product. 

We ensure that you gain in-depth information about the market before launch. This will inform the P&R strategy for your product


We identify

  • Treatment pathways
  • Medical need/unmet need
  • Relevant comparators
  • Price and reimbursement status for relevant comparators
  • Possible positioning of the new product

Based on this work, information will be available to suggest positioning of the product, identify likelihood for obtaining reimbursement and possible price range and identify P&R requirements in each of the Nordic markets.

Our approach

We know the market We have extensive knowledge about the P&R landscape in each of the Nordic markets

Fit for purpose The market access plan will be developed in line with your needs and requirements.

“Payer” perspective We take the perspective of the payer in order to provide you with realistic feedback regarding market access opportunities for your product

Honest feedback We believe in having an open dialogues and provide you with honest feedback with respect to the P&R requirements and the opportunities and obstacles we see for your product