Do you need assistance with applying for reimbursement in any of the Nordic countries?

Obtaining general reimbursement is key to ensure market access for new prescription drugs. We have extensive experience with the development of reimbursement applications in the Nordic countries


We can assist you in all parts of the process, and we tailor our service to your needs. Reimbursement application can involve:

  •   development of situation analysis
  •   input to strategy
  •   facilitating meetings with authorities
  •   collection of local data
  •   securing clinical expert input
  •   development of dossier
  •   adaptation of economic models
  •   submission
  •   answering of questions from authorities

We ensure that the reimbursement applications and health economic models fulfil the country specific requirements.


Experience Application for reimbursement is a core competence for us, and we have 10+ years of experience with the processes in the Nordic countries.

Your goal is our goal Our focus is to meet your objectives and to deliver the service that meets your needs. We partner with you to meet the defined objectives. We are dedicated and strive to obtain reimbursement in the Nordic markets for your product

Time is critical We know that time to reimbursement matters, and it is crucial for us to deliver to agreed timelines.