In-house shortage of staff, wish to discuss and test feasibility of ideas, or in a hurry to find the facts?

We partner with you to deliver the input or information you need, and approach all ideas with commitment and a ‘can do’ mentality


We offer a competent, flexible solution to your research needs

  • desk research
  • contact to authorities 
  • statistical analysis
  • economic analysis
  • manuscripts / posters/ presentations

We can also act as your sparring partner, where we can discuss and provide input to ideas, potential positioning, strategic aspects etc. We can act as payer proxy if you want to test feasibility and options before launch.


Seniority Your tasks are solved by senior health economists with a strong commitment to adding value in every project – large or small

Flexible Being a small company we are flexible and able to adjust priorities to meet every customers demand. 

Time is important? Time is always important. We set ambitious time-lines and take pride in meeting them