Is there a need to document product value and demonstrate cost-effectiveness when launching a new product in the Nordic countries?

Dramatic changes have happened during the last years and will continue to happen when it comes to market access for hospital products in the Nordic countries. We guide your product through the emerging national market access barriers for hospital products.

We establish the local value story and deliver the economic argument in a language everyone understands.


We support clients in getting market access for hospital products in Nordic markets. Our services include

  • Research of treatment patterns
  • Develop market access strategy
  • Develop local value story
  • Economic analysis and models
  • Develop and submit health technology dossiers
  • Establish economic rationale for hospital products for your dialogue with local decision makers


Insight We have been supported companies in addressing the requirements of the national processes (RADS, KRIS, TLV / NLT, and SLV/Bestillerforum) from the very beginning

Partnership We work closely with you to meet the local requirements. We may develop the submission in full or as a collaborative effort 

Single point of contact If you need support in more than one market, selecting us as your single consultant will decrease the time you spend on project management