Do you need to document that your product is value for money in the Nordic countries?

Documentation of economic value is increasingly essential when new products are launched in the Nordic countries. Health economic models aligned with the value story and reflecting local clinical practice are more likely to be accepted by authorities.

We have extensive experience with the development of economic models as well as adaptation of global core models to the Nordic markets


We adapt our client’s global model to meet the country specific requirements in each of the Nordic markets, finding the appropriate cost data, and aligning with local clinical practice.

Furthermore, we build fit for purpose models from scratch that can deliver important health economic messages in a language everyone understands


Skilled  We are highly skilled in statistics, programming and model design and have experience from numerous therapy areas

Fit for purpose A model should not be more advanced or complicated than needed to meet it’s purpose. We believe that simpler is often better.

Integrated The economic model should be an integrated part of what you want to communicate. Our key focus is on delivering the message – not on the nerdy aspects of modelling

Reliable We maintain strong routines in model development such as internal validity testing, versioning, and documentation