What does the market we will be entering look like?

It is crucial to have detailed knowledge about the market when launch of a new product is planned. Hence, many companies choose to conduct a situation analysis, where research is conducted to gain insight into the treatmetnt algorithm and to gain insight into which comparators are the most relevant in the given country, prices and reimbursement status etc.

We supported Almirall Nordic when Almirall were planning launch of Constella (linaclotide) in the Nordic countries. Constella is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C). Since no other treatment options were licensed for the treatment of IBS-C when the situation analysis was conducted, detailed research was needed in order to identify current standard of care in the Nordic countries.  

Almirall Nordic wanted to obtain information about current treatment practice in the treatment of IBS-C, identify the most relevant comparators in the market, and identify the prices and reimbursement status of current treatment options. Further information about health care resource utilization and costs in the treatment of IBS-C was requested. We designed a fit-for-purpose research activity including desk research, dialogue with clinical experts, and estimation of health care cost. The project covered all Nordic markets and efficiently gained the key information about existing treatment algorithms, resource utilization, likelihood of reimbursement, prices of competitors as well as identified data gaps

Based on the situation analysis, Almirall could identify the most appropriate P&R strategy 

In the initial planning of the launch of a new product it is crucial to have indepth knowledge on key market access issues in order to prepare an optimal price and reimbursement strategy.  The situation analysis gave an excellent overview of the key issues and enabled us to make a sound and effective strategy that showed to be very effective in achieving our goals.  Taking into consideration that the creation of a situation analysis is fairly manageable project - both in time and in costs -  it was definitely value for money.

Mette Lange , Nordic Market Access Manager, Almirall